About Restore Design Garage

Are you like so many who own a garage and have become frustrated with the seemingly endless black hole of tools and gadgets that are disorganized, half working and in the midst of being repaired scattered throughout a messy garage space that barely fits a vehicle?

Why not take the first step in planning out an organized, clean and bright place to house your vehicle(s) that is easy to clean, sort out your equipment and tools while loving the feeling of coming home to gorgeous garage space.

Having a functional and nice garage area that you are proud of, changes your attitude when opening the garage door and also starts your day off right.

At RD Garages we began our business as Garage floor experts but have evolved into a one stop shop for complete Garage flooring and organization services.  Whether you are simply looking for custom garage cabinetry or an entire garage space makeover, we have the tools, products and experience to take your garage space to the next level.