We Love Garage Flooring

With many, many years experience installing both residential and commercial epoxy and polyaspartic floor coating systems, we at RDGarages understand the importance of a quality coating installation in a garage.  From impacts of dropped tools and equipment, to harsh cleaning and vehicular chemicals and liquids, to hot tires and heavy traffic, your garage floor has to last.  Of course it must look great while performing exceptionally!

The range of finishes and colors for todays floors are virtually unlimited.  We pull from a vast array of coating types, colorants, additives, color flake and custom designs to make your garage floor be whatever you want to be.

Some examples of the choices we offer include:

Solid Color Epoxy – From Basic colors like grey, blue, yellow, and red to shimmering color, glow in the dark and bright fluorescent.

Metallic Epoxy – One of the newest and head turning coating systems to come out in a while.  These systems give your floor depth and shine never before possible on a floor.  From a single metallic color to blended streams and texture, these floors are powerful and always one of a kind.

Color Flake – This is the system that started it all.  A virtually unlimited range of colors and flex sizes, you can choose from a standard color mix or go 100% custom.  Vinyl chips are blended and applied to a wet epoxy surface that then hardens.  The surface is then coated with a high grade clear coat to lock in the flex.  The end result provides an impact resistant, low maintenance, chemically inert, floor that will last for decades.