Say Goodbye To Clutter

Let a cluttered garage be a thing of the past. Are storage bins and unsightly boxes taking up your garage floor space? Do you suffer from limited space when attempting to park your car? WE have the solution! RDG can install ceiling racks that will declutter your garage space. Ceiling racks can offer you the ability to park your car safely and enter/exit your vehicle with ease.

Ceiling racks sizes:

  • 8×4’ 600lb max weight

  • 8×3’ 500lb

  • 8×2’ 400lb

  • 6×4’ 500lb

  • 6×3’ 400lb

  • 6×2’ 300lb

  • 4×4’ 300lb

  • 4×3’ 300lb

  • 4×2’ 300lb

If ceiling racks are not an option for you, we also offer wall racks to store your boxes, bins, tools, toys etc. Wall racks are fully adjustable and can be set to fit your specific garage design. We offer wall brackets to hang up your tools, garden tools, bikes, ladders, etc. Our goal is to bring some harmony back to your garage and in doing so, bring some happiness back to its owner.